Cathy Young: A Feminist Worth Reading

I just wanted to write about how great Cathy Young’s “Russia’s Global Anti-Libertarian Crusade” article was.

I ended up with an article of my own about how great Cathy Young is.

Cathy Young: A Writer Worth a Tribute Column

* * *

It seems each passing decade, Feminism and Feminists become worse for the World. It’s downright depressing how agreeable rationalizations; women deserving the same legal rights as men; women deserving the same protections and responsibilities as men: are now little more than a distant memory to an orthodoxy indefensible to anyone belonging to the Rougher Sex; women deserving the same outcomes as men; women deserving better outcomes than men; women being identical to men, yet still deserving greater protections due to systemic effects of patriarchy.

It’s bad enough these self-righteous bimbos think the only people who complain about the rights and lives of African and Asian women are white misogynists trying to misdirect from women’s rights in the West when they themselves have known the most comfortable lives in the history of Earth: with notable exceptions that still fall far short of Salafi dementia, such as the many legitimate grievances of mainstream Mormon women. The fact that they’re now waging wars on common sense, biology, and elementary speech rights to which Feminists themselves may be exempt from whenever convenient has poisoned all causes Feminists profess to care about for generations to come. No one cared about Donald Trump’s deplorable pussy tape when the people promoting it were troll-shielding a woman who used the slut-shaming defense to protect a violent statutory-rapist from incarceration; and a post-Millenial right-wing backlash, though still theoretical, could absolutely happen in retaliation against the Feminist War on Reality the same way the War on Drugs fostered contempt for authority in the last half-century.

Not that all is bleak. Indeed, it is only the supreme awfulness of the likes of Anita Sarkeesian and Francesca Ramsey that lets genuine articles like Cathy Young shine.

Cathy Young, a woman who called for a ceasefire between the sexes back in 1999 as the only way to actually attain any kind of desirable progress. Cathy Young, who neither exaggerates nor denies difference between the sexes. Cathy Young, who called out the social left and right for their sexual-harassment double standards regarding Clarence Thomas and Bill Clinton, and who called out exactly how both sides self-inflicted bullet wounds to their feet would damage them a generation on.

Ms. Young was ultimately ignored by both sides, their powers and influence withered and gangrened to the point where both exist today only as liabilities; but she tried, damnit!

But Young’s greatest achievement in my eyes, and the inspiration for this article, is her treatment of Russia. No blind patriot: Young repeatedly attacked the Western Left for their defense of the oligarchic ethnic-cleansing enthusiasts who run Moscow while justifiably defending Sarah Palin on one of the rare occasions the Moose-huntress was in the right, and their coddling of Kremlin-friend Edward Snowden even while acknowledging the good that could come from preventing unchecked-N.S.A. power. No partisan hack: Young did the same against Trump-tards and right-wing opportunists who’ve taken a shine to Vladimir Putin when he lent them a helping hand to the White House for the mere cost of eviscerating eighty percent of their political positions since the Reagan Era. My favorite bit from the article comes below:

[P]ro-Russian (or at least anti-anti-Russian) arguments have become fairly common not just among conservatives but among a contingent of libertarians, such as former Rep. Ron Paul and Editorial Director Justin Raimondo. The new Republican affection for Russia is largely a matter of political polarization: Since Putin is the Democrats’ boogeyman du jour, he can’t be all bad. But quite a few conservatives also genuinely see Putin’s Russia as a Christian ally against Islam, a perspective recently endorsed by Ann Coulter in a March column trollishly titled “Let’s Make Russia Our Sister Country.”

That view manages to ignore not only Russia’s coziness with Iran but the fact that one of Putin’s staunchest domestic allies, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, runs a de facto sharia state within the Russian Federation. This spring, Kadyrov was in the news for throwing gay men in prison camps and threatening a fatwa on Russian journalists who exposed the persecution.

I expressed the same sentiment myself in my “Russia’s Islamist Problem” article last month. Thanks to Cathy Young, a meaningful number of people will now read that message.

The respect I’m showing Young doesn’t just come from my agreement with her opinions,. Much as I’ve found them ridiculous and at times contemptible, I felt the same way about Andrea Dworkin and Glenn Beck when both threw middle-fingers at Bill Clinton and Donald Trump respectively rather than sell out their beliefs on sexual abuse, for Dworkin, or free markets, for Beck. Whorish buffoons like Gloria Steinem and Alex Jones sold out to both aforementioned Presidents without hesitation,* get no such leniency from me, and I wish nothing but alimony bills the size of ostrich eggs and cold, underoccupied mattresses to both for the duration of their miserable lives. Though I admit, general agreement certainly makes the expression of affection easier, Cathy Young still possesses something I never properly expressed about anyone.

Until this paragraph:

Perhaps it was her Soviet upbringing that gave her perspective and a bullshit detector worth more than a bucket of warm piss, but the woman has patience for neither right nor left-wing bullshit. But, given the demented ramblings of Ayn Rand sprung from the same scenario, I believe this the real truth: a good writer can omit or bullshit as long as they’ve no concern for anything but themselves; a writer who cares about anything else is required to either be terrible, or become terrible; but no writer can do both at once.

Cathy Young hasn’t, and I have faith she’ll stay so forever.

*Nor do I believe “changing your mind” and “selling out” need be the same thing; Laci Green being a good example of the former, and George “Maddox” Ouzounian being a great example of the latter. But that’s an article for another day.

* * *

O.R. Welles is spinning his wheels. He can be found smoking a pipe and re-reading The Lord of the Rings.

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