A Letter to Christina Cauterucci

Women already have a very good way to protect one another without trampling on the rights of the accused. It’s called, “the criminal justice system”.

* * *

Dear Christina,

You’ve neither met me nor heard of me before, but I’ve read your articles on Slate for a number of years, now. Not terribly closely, as I find you to be of the “castratress” school of feminist thought; but you still temper it with a degree of humanity and sympathy for things such as “the rights of the accused” to make your work significantly more worthwhile than, say, your fellow Slate alumnus Amanda Marcotte.

I write not as an insult – though I have no intention to sugarcoat my appallance towards beliefs of yours which legitimately discuss me, no matter how many times I get called a “mansplainer” for whatever reason. I write because you seem to be having a crisis of conscience on the apparent incompatibility between criminal justice reform and the ability of sexual-assault victims to find justice against their assailants. You feel that these two positions are apparently incompatible; and the actions of the compilees to the “SHITTY MEDIA MEN” Google-spreadsheet, whilst both immediately regrettable and potentially devastating to every legitimate claim of abuse that gets paired together with something anyone on earth could make up for any reason real or imagined, is but a Machiavellian means of putting a permanent end to the horrors of sexual abuse by women at the hands of powerful men.

This disturbs me for a number of reasons: not only have you refrained from considering the possibility that such a list’s compilation could just as easily actively damage the cases of who-know-how many real aggrieved whilst simultaneously ruining innocent lives and doing nothing to catch a single real predator, even in the universe where it wasn’t pulled immediately upon publication of the recent Buzzfeed story on its existence; you’ve completely avoided looking into the reasons why criminal justice systems were created in the first place, and the terrible consequences to their abandonment.

It is true – both now, and today – that many women (and men, as those whom followed the Michael Jackson story can attest) refused to report their rapes and assaults to police out of shame. However, the far-less-rosy component to this story which most every modern anti-rape activist neglects to mention is that these women’s silence on the matter to the courts were not joined with silence to their friends and family. Women raped in the Older Centuries wanted their assailants brought down just as badly as women from modern times, and one common action for them to take was to call men they trusted to extra-judicially execute their rapist before word could spread of the defilement of their honor.

No tears need be shed for an executed rapist, by vigilante nor the state. Rapists commit terrible crimes, and the World is better off with them dead. The problem with death by vigilante is that vigilantes are, by their very nature, incapable of objectivity and accountability. Another of your fellow Slatesmen, Jamelle Bouie, detailed exactly this in his post-Dylan-Roof piece on the longtime American practice of lynchmen executing black men caught engaging, alleged to be engaging, speculated to be engaging, or even speculated to be interested, in flagrante delicto with white women. Such cases were far too sensitive to the populi for such a thing as courts: men of all degrees of honor were treated exactly the same as men of all degrees of criminality when the noose came coming to their doors, and we in modern times will never come close to even guessing how many innocents joined the guilty to their graves.

About now, you might be tempted to say “such a thing could never happen, as long as these extreme measures are used only as a means of taking down the privileged”. Such a thought has tempted all frustrated in the face of a seemingly-insurmountably powerful upper-class, and will continue to remain a temptation as long as there is power; but these emergency measures are, without exception, least likely to be used against any upper-class aside from one which has already been supplanted and replaced by a new group with even less interest in the standards they force onto others applying to themselves. The rate at which the recent extreme measures of Obama’s “Dear Colleague” solution to campus rape wasted no time in disproportionately going after interracial cases, and this is in what should supposedly be a left-wing refuge. No activist should think any other emergency measure will have lower rates of abuse.

The only legal system any society has discovered worth anything at all is the one where the highest possible transparency of the courtroom is coupled with the straight-forwardest means of allowing the accused to make the case for their innocence. Rule of Law’s very purpose is to make emergency measures of any sort obsolete. Not to mention, the end result of these normal measures leads to the truly guilty being removed from society, either temporarily or permanently. A Google-doc with no barrier or qualification to contribution puts no one behind bars, nor six feet of dirt. Even a doc filled nine-tenths with guilty men merely tars ninety percent of possible court cases against the listed whilst unjustly killing the reputations of the one in ten.

That doesn’t even get into the fact that the widely-varying behavior described pairs offenses deserving of jail time with the likes of “flirting” and “groping”. This is nearly as disrespectful as comparing war rationing in 1940s Warsaw with 1940s Chicago: Harvey “Noted-Male-Feminist” Weinstein couldn’t pay the New York Post enough money to come up with a better story to tarnish his complainants than exactly the sort of practice you – and a depressingly large number of others – dismiss as “possibly problematic, but what else are we supposed to do?” at worst. The fact that the creators could think such an exclusively damaging creation to be a good idea should be greeted only with distress, assuming this whole “SHITTY WHITE MEN” doc wasn’t an act of provocation meant for nothing but sabotage against women accusing big-and-small-screen bigshots of sex-crimes. (a.n., keep an eye out for Jennette McCurdy’s social-media activity.)

No victims of any crime of any sort will ever have an easy time going to court. No one wants to admit they were taken advantage of, and those quickest to do such are often just as repulsive and criminal as the people decent societies look to lock up in the first place. It is, and always will be, normal to feel shame to fall prey to the predatory: but we, as a society, gave up the comforts of vigilantism’s privacy and secrecy for the sake of exactly the transparency thousands of American gravestones never received.

And while I’m occupying you’re time, there’s something else on sex-crimes that greatly bothers me which noöne else seems to talk about:

The infantalization of women “being brave” in their silence to their assault is exactly the sort of poison that could undo this hard-fought victory for the rights of the accused, and transparent-justice upon the guilty. Real bravery is Ambra Battaliana in a sting operation, trying to prevent others from meeting her own fate, and succeeding. Cy Vance, the cocksucker prosecutor, killing her case via well-timed donation is exactly the kind of problem public shaming is actually useful at solving; and, thanks to the good work of Ambra and the New York Police Department, we now have irrefutable proof of this particular act of mob retaliation being entirely justified for the public to carry out. Should this happen again – say, when Ariana Grande wears a wire to entrap Dan Schneider, and a well-timed donation to an Orlando D.A., or Rick Scott, or whatever other subhumans work in Floridian public-service, kills the effort – exactly the same response’ll be justified anew.

Who knows. After enough persistence, we might one day live in a country where D.A.s don’t generally deserve to be ground into powder and sold as pet food. With enough Ambra Battalinas, we’ll get their in This Century.

You’re right to feel conflicted, but you will be in the wrong as long as you consider those men’s occluded coffins to be an acceptable price for your squeamishness.


– O.R. Welles

P.S., this would’ve been posted a day earlier if it weren’t for #WomenBoycottTwitter. I also would not have been nearly so nice had I read some of the truly heinous things you tweeted on the 12th.

Quite frankly, what you wrote was evil. I won’t ask for an apology: I believe those should be voluntary only, but I have no intention on ever being generous to your positions again so long as you continue to support such despicable practices as good for society.

* * *

O.R Welles is a writer coming off another failed publicity stunt. To be fair, his publicity stunts are always done for things he genuinely believes in, and he has no intention on ever doing otherwise for as long as he shall write.

#StopBetsy and #GamerGate

There’s a good chance someone made this connection before I did, but I’m confident I’m a better writer than they are.

There’s a headline that could go either way.

* * *

There are many reasons for a human with a moral compass to despise the atrocious “Dear Colleague” letter of the overrated Obama years: the ghoulish civil-rights violations in the name of security for a crime epidemic; the two-faced neo-liberal strudel-hiders who completely disavow their credibility as advocates for criminal-justice reform because they couldn’t resist the chance to punish male sexuality — make no mistake, plenty of gay men get railroaded on this fiasco; the fact that the crime epidemic being used to justify the despicable overreach of Title IX just happens to be occurring during the largest decline of America’s crime rate in living memory, in what statistically has been the safest location for teens and twenty-somethings in all other respects to live for the last one-hundred years, and that the moment you opine the epidemic being a fantasy drawn from the same hysteria as the Satanic-abuse panic of the 80s, your accused of being a rape apologist. But worst of all, “Dear Colleague” has now forced me to stand up in favor of Betsy DeVos – and among other reasons, her support of federal dollars going to the teaching of creationism is still more than enough reason for me to hate the bitch for life no matter how much she needs support rolling back this unpardonable policy.

The recent #StopBetsy movement on Twitter could very well be the next #GamerGate in terms of whatever value a Twitter Hashtag possesses: a sexually-charged culture war between the left and right where the thrill of battle takes precedence over figuring out the truth. Like #GamerGate, I imagine left-wing cultural hegemony – damaged, though it may be – will pull far more people into standing up for what is otherwise obvious nonsense out of a sense of moral obligation to feminism, nevermind how the evisceration of civil rights to advance a proceeding that – best case scenario – doesn’t even end with actual rapists ever getting sent to prison has anything to do with advancing women’s rights to anything. Like #GamerGate, I imagine many alt-righters who gain attention from #StopBetsy will eventually poison the well by doing something similar to what Ethan Ralph, Davis M.J. Aurini, and Milo Yiannopoulos did to kill their careers (respectively: assaulting a police officer, blaming the Holocaust on the Soviet Union, and supporting their own childhood pederasty with a gay priest).

And, like #GamerGate, I also see how easy it would be for those on the left to flip the script if they chose to focus on different details in the same case. With #GamerGate, you have a first-generation son of immigrants from the chronically put-upon nation of Albania, repeatedly dismissed by the public as an abusive ex-boyfriend when he published screencaps on his WordPress site of his ex-girlfriend repeatedly admitting to cheating on him, and said screencaps have been confirmed real by the wife of the man said ex-girlfriend cheated on said Albanian with. It’s both a disbelief of a woman whose trust was abused by her husband, and the unfair dismissal of a man belonging to a historically-abused ethnicity. A reasonable person would never do this. Hatred of Albanians is more a Balkan or Arabian or Turkish prejudice than an American one, and the merits of Eron Gjoni’s claims against Zoë Quinn can be seen clearly enough by those looking at Chelsea Van Valkenberg’s record of failure in court and litigation towards her unfortunate former beau and her habitual hostility to reality (Quinn spent seven years pretending her brithdate was August 13th, just so she could say her birthday occasionally fell on Friday the 13th).

With #StopBetsy, you have a system which lowers protections against the accused in a country with the highest incarceration rate on the planet outside North Korea. A multi-ethnic country with drastically-deteriorating race relations and deeply disproportionate conviction rates for Black men (and Black women, for that matter), who also represent the highest portion of exonerations for sexual-assault in the entire country. Knowing these statistics, it’s easy to extrapolate; if Black men are more likely to be accused of crimes and later found innocent in actual trials, Black men will not see improvements when they lose the ability to cross-examine, 5th Amendment protection, protections from double-jeopardy, and the right to know what they’re being charged for – even without considering the statistics that show Blacks as disproportionately likely to be abused by the also hideous “Zero-Tolerance” policies in public schools wrought from post-Columbine hysteria, which itself happened during an era of declining school-shootings.

By both lean and robust standards of the term, “Dear Colleague” required institutional racism from America’s public universities. By their own standards, supporters of #StopBetsy are required to support racism, all for a proceeding that can’t even put an actual rapist in prison and a “one-in-five” statistic that’s clearly not even believed by its own promoters, or they’d’ve abolished co-ed schools altogether.

I have little hope DeVos dictum will mean what it should. She’s a widely disliked boss of a department in an incompetent and reviled administration. The hideous “Yes Means Yes” standard of consent shall remain the rule of the land in California, and the policy feeds just enough to the “Law and Order” psychopaths of red states to make friends among those who otherwise complain about feminism and political correctness. DeVos efforts could also very easily end up tanking due to the roving storm of incompetence, corruption, and disaster that swipes up all attached to the Drumpfstag – even if Mike Pence manages to survive 2020 with 270 intact.

But if there’s hope, it lies in the lawsuits. Every unjust expulsion, every abuse inflicted on the accused even when they’re lucky enough to be declared innocent at the end of the mess, not to mention the inevitable day when an actual rapist gets expelled but not imprisoned and goes on a Bundy-esque rampage that could’ve been nipped in the bud had the case gone to criminal court like all serious sexual-assault accusations should go at all times: all these create chances for lawsuits and lawsuits create payouts. Even places that charge four or five figures a month’ll grow sick of paying out the ass for a program that can only punish the innocent and let the guilty off with a slap on the wrist. No amount of SocJus screeching can save “Yes Means Yes” by then. The only question left is whether the length of time Americans allow this ridiculous panic’s continued infliction matches that of the Satanic Panic, or the ongoing War on Drugs – which still hasn’t managed to teach a moral lesson to the public consciousness in half a century.

* * *

O.R. Welles is a current writer and aspiring independently-wealthy writer. He writes “never mind” as a compound word for the same reason he writes “be cause” as a compound word; and for this, spell-check can kiss his ass.

He would like to thank Twitter’s @notwokileaks for inspiring this article.

Cathy Young: A Feminist Worth Reading

I just wanted to write about how great Cathy Young’s “Russia’s Global Anti-Libertarian Crusade” article was.

I ended up with an article of my own about how great Cathy Young is.

Cathy Young: A Writer Worth a Tribute Column

* * *

It seems each passing decade, Feminism and Feminists become worse for the World. It’s downright depressing how agreeable rationalizations; women deserving the same legal rights as men; women deserving the same protections and responsibilities as men: are now little more than a distant memory to an orthodoxy indefensible to anyone belonging to the Rougher Sex; women deserving the same outcomes as men; women deserving better outcomes than men; women being identical to men, yet still deserving greater protections due to systemic effects of patriarchy.

It’s bad enough these self-righteous bimbos think the only people who complain about the rights and lives of African and Asian women are white misogynists trying to misdirect from women’s rights in the West when they themselves have known the most comfortable lives in the history of Earth: with notable exceptions that still fall far short of Salafi dementia, such as the many legitimate grievances of mainstream Mormon women. The fact that they’re now waging wars on common sense, biology, and elementary speech rights to which Feminists themselves may be exempt from whenever convenient has poisoned all causes Feminists profess to care about for generations to come. No one cared about Donald Trump’s deplorable pussy tape when the people promoting it were troll-shielding a woman who used the slut-shaming defense to protect a violent statutory-rapist from incarceration; and a post-Millenial right-wing backlash, though still theoretical, could absolutely happen in retaliation against the Feminist War on Reality the same way the War on Drugs fostered contempt for authority in the last half-century.

Not that all is bleak. Indeed, it is only the supreme awfulness of the likes of Anita Sarkeesian and Francesca Ramsey that lets genuine articles like Cathy Young shine.

Cathy Young, a woman who called for a ceasefire between the sexes back in 1999 as the only way to actually attain any kind of desirable progress. Cathy Young, who neither exaggerates nor denies difference between the sexes. Cathy Young, who called out the social left and right for their sexual-harassment double standards regarding Clarence Thomas and Bill Clinton, and who called out exactly how both sides self-inflicted bullet wounds to their feet would damage them a generation on.

Ms. Young was ultimately ignored by both sides, their powers and influence withered and gangrened to the point where both exist today only as liabilities; but she tried, damnit!

But Young’s greatest achievement in my eyes, and the inspiration for this article, is her treatment of Russia. No blind patriot: Young repeatedly attacked the Western Left for their defense of the oligarchic ethnic-cleansing enthusiasts who run Moscow while justifiably defending Sarah Palin on one of the rare occasions the Moose-huntress was in the right, and their coddling of Kremlin-friend Edward Snowden even while acknowledging the good that could come from preventing unchecked-N.S.A. power. No partisan hack: Young did the same against Trump-tards and right-wing opportunists who’ve taken a shine to Vladimir Putin when he lent them a helping hand to the White House for the mere cost of eviscerating eighty percent of their political positions since the Reagan Era. My favorite bit from the article comes below:

[P]ro-Russian (or at least anti-anti-Russian) arguments have become fairly common not just among conservatives but among a contingent of libertarians, such as former Rep. Ron Paul and Antiwar.com Editorial Director Justin Raimondo. The new Republican affection for Russia is largely a matter of political polarization: Since Putin is the Democrats’ boogeyman du jour, he can’t be all bad. But quite a few conservatives also genuinely see Putin’s Russia as a Christian ally against Islam, a perspective recently endorsed by Ann Coulter in a March column trollishly titled “Let’s Make Russia Our Sister Country.”

That view manages to ignore not only Russia’s coziness with Iran but the fact that one of Putin’s staunchest domestic allies, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, runs a de facto sharia state within the Russian Federation. This spring, Kadyrov was in the news for throwing gay men in prison camps and threatening a fatwa on Russian journalists who exposed the persecution.

I expressed the same sentiment myself in my “Russia’s Islamist Problem” article last month. Thanks to Cathy Young, a meaningful number of people will now read that message.

The respect I’m showing Young doesn’t just come from my agreement with her opinions,. Much as I’ve found them ridiculous and at times contemptible, I felt the same way about Andrea Dworkin and Glenn Beck when both threw middle-fingers at Bill Clinton and Donald Trump respectively rather than sell out their beliefs on sexual abuse, for Dworkin, or free markets, for Beck. Whorish buffoons like Gloria Steinem and Alex Jones sold out to both aforementioned Presidents without hesitation,* get no such leniency from me, and I wish nothing but alimony bills the size of ostrich eggs and cold, underoccupied mattresses to both for the duration of their miserable lives. Though I admit, general agreement certainly makes the expression of affection easier, Cathy Young still possesses something I never properly expressed about anyone.

Until this paragraph:

Perhaps it was her Soviet upbringing that gave her perspective and a bullshit detector worth more than a bucket of warm piss, but the woman has patience for neither right nor left-wing bullshit. But, given the demented ramblings of Ayn Rand sprung from the same scenario, I believe this the real truth: a good writer can omit or bullshit as long as they’ve no concern for anything but themselves; a writer who cares about anything else is required to either be terrible, or become terrible; but no writer can do both at once.

Cathy Young hasn’t, and I have faith she’ll stay so forever.

*Nor do I believe “changing your mind” and “selling out” need be the same thing; Laci Green being a good example of the former, and George “Maddox” Ouzounian being a great example of the latter. But that’s an article for another day.

* * *

O.R. Welles is spinning his wheels. He can be found smoking a pipe and re-reading The Lord of the Rings.