Cathy Young: A Feminist Worth Reading

I just wanted to write about how great Cathy Young’s “Russia’s Global Anti-Libertarian Crusade” article was.

I ended up with an article of my own about how great Cathy Young is.

Cathy Young: A Writer Worth a Tribute Column

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It seems each passing decade, Feminism and Feminists become worse for the World. It’s downright depressing how agreeable rationalizations; women deserving the same legal rights as men; women deserving the same protections and responsibilities as men: are now little more than a distant memory to an orthodoxy indefensible to anyone belonging to the Rougher Sex; women deserving the same outcomes as men; women deserving better outcomes than men; women being identical to men, yet still deserving greater protections due to systemic effects of patriarchy.

It’s bad enough these self-righteous bimbos think the only people who complain about the rights and lives of African and Asian women are white misogynists trying to misdirect from women’s rights in the West when they themselves have known the most comfortable lives in the history of Earth: with notable exceptions that still fall far short of Salafi dementia, such as the many legitimate grievances of mainstream Mormon women. The fact that they’re now waging wars on common sense, biology, and elementary speech rights to which Feminists themselves may be exempt from whenever convenient has poisoned all causes Feminists profess to care about for generations to come. No one cared about Donald Trump’s deplorable pussy tape when the people promoting it were troll-shielding a woman who used the slut-shaming defense to protect a violent statutory-rapist from incarceration; and a post-Millenial right-wing backlash, though still theoretical, could absolutely happen in retaliation against the Feminist War on Reality the same way the War on Drugs fostered contempt for authority in the last half-century.

Not that all is bleak. Indeed, it is only the supreme awfulness of the likes of Anita Sarkeesian and Francesca Ramsey that lets genuine articles like Cathy Young shine.

Cathy Young, a woman who called for a ceasefire between the sexes back in 1999 as the only way to actually attain any kind of desirable progress. Cathy Young, who neither exaggerates nor denies difference between the sexes. Cathy Young, who called out the social left and right for their sexual-harassment double standards regarding Clarence Thomas and Bill Clinton, and who called out exactly how both sides self-inflicted bullet wounds to their feet would damage them a generation on.

Ms. Young was ultimately ignored by both sides, their powers and influence withered and gangrened to the point where both exist today only as liabilities; but she tried, damnit!

But Young’s greatest achievement in my eyes, and the inspiration for this article, is her treatment of Russia. No blind patriot: Young repeatedly attacked the Western Left for their defense of the oligarchic ethnic-cleansing enthusiasts who run Moscow while justifiably defending Sarah Palin on one of the rare occasions the Moose-huntress was in the right, and their coddling of Kremlin-friend Edward Snowden even while acknowledging the good that could come from preventing unchecked-N.S.A. power. No partisan hack: Young did the same against Trump-tards and right-wing opportunists who’ve taken a shine to Vladimir Putin when he lent them a helping hand to the White House for the mere cost of eviscerating eighty percent of their political positions since the Reagan Era. My favorite bit from the article comes below:

[P]ro-Russian (or at least anti-anti-Russian) arguments have become fairly common not just among conservatives but among a contingent of libertarians, such as former Rep. Ron Paul and Editorial Director Justin Raimondo. The new Republican affection for Russia is largely a matter of political polarization: Since Putin is the Democrats’ boogeyman du jour, he can’t be all bad. But quite a few conservatives also genuinely see Putin’s Russia as a Christian ally against Islam, a perspective recently endorsed by Ann Coulter in a March column trollishly titled “Let’s Make Russia Our Sister Country.”

That view manages to ignore not only Russia’s coziness with Iran but the fact that one of Putin’s staunchest domestic allies, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, runs a de facto sharia state within the Russian Federation. This spring, Kadyrov was in the news for throwing gay men in prison camps and threatening a fatwa on Russian journalists who exposed the persecution.

I expressed the same sentiment myself in my “Russia’s Islamist Problem” article last month. Thanks to Cathy Young, a meaningful number of people will now read that message.

The respect I’m showing Young doesn’t just come from my agreement with her opinions,. Much as I’ve found them ridiculous and at times contemptible, I felt the same way about Andrea Dworkin and Glenn Beck when both threw middle-fingers at Bill Clinton and Donald Trump respectively rather than sell out their beliefs on sexual abuse, for Dworkin, or free markets, for Beck. Whorish buffoons like Gloria Steinem and Alex Jones sold out to both aforementioned Presidents without hesitation,* get no such leniency from me, and I wish nothing but alimony bills the size of ostrich eggs and cold, underoccupied mattresses to both for the duration of their miserable lives. Though I admit, general agreement certainly makes the expression of affection easier, Cathy Young still possesses something I never properly expressed about anyone.

Until this paragraph:

Perhaps it was her Soviet upbringing that gave her perspective and a bullshit detector worth more than a bucket of warm piss, but the woman has patience for neither right nor left-wing bullshit. But, given the demented ramblings of Ayn Rand sprung from the same scenario, I believe this the real truth: a good writer can omit or bullshit as long as they’ve no concern for anything but themselves; a writer who cares about anything else is required to either be terrible, or become terrible; but no writer can do both at once.

Cathy Young hasn’t, and I have faith she’ll stay so forever.

*Nor do I believe “changing your mind” and “selling out” need be the same thing; Laci Green being a good example of the former, and George “Maddox” Ouzounian being a great example of the latter. But that’s an article for another day.

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O.R. Welles is spinning his wheels. He can be found smoking a pipe and re-reading The Lord of the Rings.

Russia’s Islamist Problem

Capitulation to Islamofascism is not just a Western problem.

No one should forget: Vladimir Putin’s best friend is an Islamic Terrorist.

* * *

The as of now speculative death of Caliph Ibrahim at the hands of a Russian airstrike on May 28th, if true, should rightfully be celebrated by any human being who values their soul. Abu Bakr al-Bagdadi orchestrated mass rape, enslavement, genocide, torture, and Sharia with the help of Sadaam Hussein’s former goon squad of rapists, murderers, torturers, and final-solutionists. It’s no exaggeration to say Bagdadi was the leader of the most vile country on the planet, and considering his competitors include Eritrea and North Korea, that shouldn’t have been possible.

It’d be wonderful if his deserved demise happened May 28th, it’d be far better had the bastard died earlier; and if it hasn’t happened yet, all worthwhile human beings should pledge to insure it happens as soon as possible. Wretched as the Russo-Syrian alliance is, their forces being the ones to do what should’ve been done years ago would not diminish the act itself being a net positive for Planet Earth.

Likewise, just because he helped kill the World’s worst human being, Vladimir Putin should be neither forgiven nor forgotten for not only supporting and empowering a family of Islamic terrorists in his own homeland, but for using said family to secure supreme power for himself.

Chechnya, one of eighty-odd subjects in the Russian Federation, waged a brutal war for independence upon the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 90s. The conflict helped destroy Russian democracy before it could even get started, and irreparably embarrassed the entire Russian military. Vladimir Putin, who came to power in ’99, helped bolster his image by waging a victorious second war with Chechnya that lasted nearly a decade. Putin figured the best way to attain such a victory was by getting the Chechen fighters themselves on his side under the condition of letting them have their way with the tiny republic as long as they pledged unquestioned loyalty to Putin himself. Putins interests coincided with that of Chechnya’s Grand Mufti — one Akhmad Kadyrov, who calculated the alliance as the best means for preserving Chechen culture and the only reliable counter to Wahhabi ideology available to him — and thus Putin finally had an acceptable choice of leader for the unstable subdivision.

Or so the plan was before Akhmad Kadyrov’s assassination by a suicide bomber seven months into his presidency back in 2004.

He was officially succeeded by a Kazakh police officer named Alu Alkhanov, but that was a legal formality. In truth, Chechen leadership fell to Kadyrov’s only living son, Ramzan (Akhmad’s eldest son Zelimkhan was a drunken failure who died under unknown circumstances shortly before his father’s assassination.). He merely had to wait until he was out of his twenties before assuming the role officially in 2007, whereupon Arkhanov attained a comfortable post as a Deputy Justice Minister of Russia.

Putin sees the affair as his greatest success, and struck up a close friendship with Ramzan upon his father’s murder. In many ways, Ramzan has become the son Putin never had, and Putin has become the father Ramzan so brutally lost. Russian money gets kickbacked to Chechnya to build skyscrapers and palaces, Chechen soldiers carry out missions the Russian government doesn’t want to be tied to, Gazprom conducts secure business in Chechen oil fields, and no one complains unless they wish to wind up in a bodybag.

Chechnya may be Russia’s closest ally and Ramzan Kadyrov may be like a son to Vladimir Putin, but the country’s unquestionably the biggest liability in the entire federation. Kadyrov’s had Putin opponents killed without Putin’s permission, killed his own opponents in places as far flung as Austria, has brought Sharia into his fiefdom at the defiance of Russian federal law, supports honor killings and polygamy and mandatory headscarves as well as banning alcohol, and his recent crackdown on homosexuality is downright Third-Reichian in nature. It’s not surprising that a man who fought in his father’s army in the name of Jihad on Western Civilization in general and Russia in particular would engage in such behavior, but to do so with full support and approval from a leader of a country where more than eighty percent of the population is Christian or Atheist within said country’s own borders is an unprecedented capitulation even the likes of Jeremy Corbyn have not surpassed.

Those who call out European and American hypocrisy on Islam don’t have to take back their justifiable disgust. Vladimir Putin’s support of Sharia within his own borders doesn’t make Western alliance with Saudi Arabia and Turkey less disgusting, nor the security officials who ignore signs of terrorism for fear of being labeled racist any less indefensible. But the kool-aid drinkers of the alt-right looking up to Putin as the man standing tough against Islam are just as delusional as the cuckolded lefties pretending the men with prayer bumps and machine guns massacring civilians have nothing to do with the religion they devoted their lives to just because their ancestors were colonial subjects in the previous century.

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O.R. Welles is a current writer and aspiring independently-wealthy writer who covers whatever he damn well pleases on his WordPress page, and anywhere else with the stones to run his pieces. He can be found copy editing, if he knows what’s good for him.